The Soul of the Jacket

Bertero was born in 1907 in Vinovo, Italy, and has represented excellence in canvas production for more than 100 years. Bertero continues to be the reference for suiting components for the world’s most discerning brands.

A suit jacket is one of the most complex tailored items in the world, and the inner components make up the soul of this intricate garment. With Bertero materials, the jacket’s silhouette will reflect the fine quality of what gives it its shape and structure.

Under the Bertero brand, Chargeurs PCC offers a vast range of canvas, chest pieces, natural horsehair fabrics, chest felts, under-collars, and fusible interlinings. The Chargeurs PCC worldwide network can offer you consistent Bertero products and services wherever you need them. With an extensive range of solutions for suiting, from shoulder pads to full canvas, our experts in suiting are here to help you source the best products for your collections.

Bertero Collection

Made in Italy

Premium Collection

Made of sustainable content with natural products / recycled materials

Bertero Products


Canvas is an integral part of structuring a suit, and the level of quality determines how long the suit with retain its shape. Bertero canvas has been trusted by discerning tailors for more than 100 years.



Sleeveheads are used in the sleeve cap of a garment to help support the sleeve and prevent the ridge of the seam allowance, which is turned towards the sleeve, from showing through. Sewn between the sleeve and the shoulder, sleeve heads give the top of the sleeve a smooth, crisp shape.

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Horse Hair

Our premium horse hair fabrics are made on traditional looms for the highest quality weaving.

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3D Files for Digital Design

Our 3D files can help designers to get the right product for garments designed using 3D software programs. Bertero digital textile files allow for an instant digital twin, reflecting the real-world shape and drape of the finished jacket.

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Chest Piece

Chest pieces are made up of mainly canvas and other layering materials like felt, padding, etc.

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Floating Chest Piece

More economical

Half Chest Piece

Good handfeel & more cost save

Full Canvas

Premium handfeel

Premium Collection

Our wool-based canvas qualities are made with

sustainable, traceable, blockchain-backed NATIVA

wool that combines superior, long-lasting performance

with moisture-resistant comfort and softness that only

wool can provide.

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